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Welcome to Bacher's Window Cleaning, Ltd. We have been in business since 2002. We are a small family business, and only have guys working for us that we personally have known or are family. We previously tried to hire a stranger, did all the right things, but he did not fit into our way of doing business and had to let him go after only 8 weeks. We will continue from here on out to only use guys that we personally know or are family.

I have been self-employed my whole adult life. I previously, before getting into the window cleaning business, worked as a painter and paper hanger with my dad for 25 years. I wanted a change, my dad was getting ready to retire, and an opportunity came along to get into the window cleaning business and I decided to take it. My son Keith came on board and we formed a partnership in 2006 as a limited liability company. My wife, Helga, and daughter-in-law, Megan run the office. Adam Morgan and Kevin Mell have been part of our company as a subcontractor since 2003. We have a long standing relationship with them, and hope we have many more years to come. They are part of our success story. In the past couple of years we have had Eric Bacher (our other son), Kevin Mitchell, and David Haushalter join our team as well. I have been self-employed since the age of 19 and have never ran out of work because of no work. My work ethic was developed through 4 generations of self-employed men, my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father, I, and my son is the fifth generation. I have passed my dedication to doing a good job for our customers on to my sons, and our other guys. Our customers are the most important aspect of this company, and we try very hard to accommodate them and to do the best possible job for them. We are very blessed for the success we have had, and the fact that we have not had to let anyone go through this down economy, makes us very proud.Bacher's Window Cleaning, Ltd. in Milford, OH provides the best overall window cleaning services that can be found in the area. Our business is family owned and operated and we have many years of experience. We offer free estimates for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning and chandelier cleaning. Our service area includes Hamilton County, Clermont County, and parts of Butler and Warren Counties.
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Cleaning services

In addition to our Milford based residential window cleaning, Bacher's Window Cleaning, Ltd. also offers a variety of cleaning services for the following:
  • Leaded glass windows and doors
  • Intricate stained glass
  • Small commercial window cleaning
  • Gutters
  • Ceiling fan cleaning
  • Mirrors
  • Chandelier Cleaning
Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts have years of expertise to put to work for you. We have over 42 years of window cleaning experience. If you are in need of glass window cleaning, look no further than Bacher's Window Cleaning, Ltd.Whatever glass cleaning services you require, Bacher's Window Cleaning, Ltd. is here for you. Give us a call for a no obligation, free estimate. We'll be able to take care of your window needs at a price that is affordable.
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